Month: March 2019

Civil Defense Week events

Civil Defence Week events


Celebrating The International Day of Civil Defense, ALKAWTHAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS’ students in (GS – MS – PS and TPS) participated in playing the role of firefighters on Sunday, March 3rd. The little firefighters had to extinguish a fake burned out house that was made out of paper and plastic.

In addition, the little firefighters provided first – aid for the injured people – cooks inside the house.

The cooks’ roles were performed by: Iman Moayad – Jude Aqeel

French Section:

On Monday,March 4th, 2019, ALKAWTHAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS’ students (PP1 – PP2 – PP3 – PP4 – PP5 – PP6) visited the schools’ Gallery –prepared in awareness of The International Day of Civil Defense.

Our slogan for this year is  “Children’s safety is our goal”

Exhibition corners:

• Home Safety

• Traffic Safety

• Safety Instructions during rain and dust storms.

• The use of fire extinguisher.

• Students’ projects

• First aid program in case of (wounds – skin burns –  bone fractures – nosebleed)