Admission Requirements


Thank you for your interest in AL-KAWTHAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS.

Admission is open through the year.  Please see our admissions procedures below.



A. Each new applicant must :

1. complete and submit a form.

2. pay 3000 SAR as a non-refundable registration fee.

3. be in the age range corresponding to the desired class level.

4. pass an admission test on a date appointed by the school.

5. attain a sufficient average.

N.B. These tests only apply to new students who would like to enroll in the  elementary school and do not apply to Kindergarten applicants.  

New KG applicants will be observed and evaluated during the try-out week.

B. General requirements :

1. Annual fees are payable by term or in full. Annual fees are due by  the end of October in the first term for existing parents or within one week of acceptance for new entrants. 

2. The school reserves the right not to accept new students if fees have not been paid by the due date.

3. If students withdraw after the start of the school year, the paid fees will not be refunded.

4. Written notice of withdrawal must be given one month in advance if a parent wishes to withdraw his/her child from the school.

5. Textbooks and stationery items are supplied by the school. The costs of other textbooks (including international titles), field trips, extracurricular activities and uniforms are payable separately.

N.B. The above school fees may be reviewed every year.

Registration fees 2019-2020