The infirmary at KIS is well-equipped with medical supplies for medical care and emergencies.  A qualified nurse is present every day in the school infirmary to ensure the health and well-being of students throughout their school days.

The nurse ’s main role is to support students, monitor their health, maintain records and reports and provide emergency care for all health and sport injuries occurring within the school hours and during school events.

In case of an emergency or illness, the school will notify parents to pick up their children and if necessary, the school will contact an ambulance service.

It is important for parents to inform the school of any change in the health condition of the student or any change in the  contact details of parents.

No medication can be sent to school except that has been prescribed by a doctor or given under the care of the nurse. Prescribed medicines must be sent in their original container with the dosage.

In the case of a contagious disease, the student should not attend school.