IB Primary School


Our Primary Years Program is an extension of the Kindergarten. Its main aim is to nurture and develop its students to master the fundamental knowledge and skills that cover six disciplines: Language, Mathematics, Science, Social science, Arts and the personal, social and physical education. Further, we believe that understanding and mastery of the key concepts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an integral and essential part of student learning experiences across all subjects and grades. Through the IB program, students are encouraged to be active life-long learners, to be compassionate and embrace the differences and individual identities of society.

In Al-Kawthar International Schools, the IB learner profile is reflective of the balanced aspect of learning for all students. It seeks to ensure that our students are characterised by the values of being self-confident, creative, curious, independent, honest, respectful, principled, responsible, communicative
and caring.

The school’s future plans include the authorization and implementation of the IB Middle Years Programme and the IB Diploma Programme. Both are designed to meet the educational requirements of our students and provide a framework for learning within and across all subject areas while aiming to develop best practices from various international pre-university programmes.


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Source : https://www.ibo.org/