Mission Statements





 KIS is dedicated to empowering our learners with knowledge and ability to take responsibility to ensure lifelong learning. Our schools are committed to providing high quality-education for all students by ensuring a complete intellectual, physical, and aesthetic environment.  We encourage social development through practicing international sensitivity so that our students can acquire important values that contribute to the development of the local and global community.


 Our vision is to create a caring and open school culture that reflects a spirit of mutual understanding, intercultural respect and adaption to the needs and expectations of all members of the school community.


KIS challenges its students constantly to reflect and improve their skills by providing opportunities to consolidate their knowledge.

The school establishes a high standard of excellence for all its students and responds appropriately to the needs of those who have learning challenges.

The school encourages students to be life-long learners while developing their intercultural understanding through compassion and respect.

Through the trans-disciplinary themes  and inquiry based learning, the Primary Program (PP) facilitates the engagement of the students in thoughtful and appropriate actions within a local         and global context.

A culture of collaboration between students, teachers, parents and members of the Directorate is essential for the educational program to be effective.