Our Services


The International Schools Al-Kawthar offer several services:


A nurse is present everyday in the infirmary of the school ensure the health of students throughout their schooling. She mainly performs the following functions:

  • Welcome and accompany the students.
  • Organize Emergencies and healthcare.
  • Organize and monitor the health status of students.
  • Put in place suitable devices in case of serious events occurring in the school.

In case of emergency or illness, the parents will be informed to pick up their children and if necessary the school will contact an ambulance service.

It is important to inform the school of any change on the student’s state of health or any change of the parents contact information.

No medicinal product may be transmitted to the school except under the supervision of the nurse and on prescription from the attending physician. Parents must send the authorized medicines in their original containers with the dosage.

In the case of a contagious disease, the student must not attend school.


The International Schools Al-Kawthar are equipped with a canteen which offers healthy menus. A varied and balanced menu is offered to students on a daily basis while ensuring the respect of hygiene and safety rules.


Parents wishing to offer a meal for their child may contact the administration.


The BCD (Library Documentary Centre) is a place open to everyone. BCDIt offers a variety of resources, in different languages, that contribute to the learning and teaching.

Surrounded by all kinds of books whose number exceeds 4000 book, the student will learn little by little to read and will discover the pleasure that may be associated with it.

A librarian will prepare a list of references of the available resources that relate to the topic of interest for students and responds to their needs related to research.